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July is AMERICAN PRIDE month.
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Show your love for the UNITED STATES of AMERICA here, with stories, pictures, video, etc. No hijacking please. :)

Moderation vs Censorship.

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Interesting read ---> Here. ( Posted by Danny Matteson on May 13, 2016 )

This blog posting By Danny Matteson is along the lines of how this forum will be moderated and grown going forward.

So how does this work? The Internet is a big place, and there are many places and ways for people to interact. Your job as a community leader is not to appeal to everyone, but instead, appeal to an intimate community that follows norms and guidelines that are created in cooperation with your members...much like a real life community. (Matteson, 2016)

Indeed. The problem I had before was that I REALLY believed I could maintain a utopia of ideas and commentary, where people would interact in a manner that while heated and vociferous would also self censor and self moderate. Unfortunately the overwhelming voice here became...

Rules and Such.

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A few words about life on this site:

A group of folks need order, a community can not grow to its potential if there is unchecked strife and overt anarchy among the masses.

Disagreements and heated exchanges, filled with passionate debates, are welcomed and expected here. No one, especially the lone voice on a subject, should be shouted down prior to being allowed to present their opinion. If the lone voice is able to present their case to an open minded audience then who knows, that lone voice could become legion. On the other hand, persons unable or unwilling to articulate in a coherent manner are open season for mocking and ridicule, this forum will not cater to the lowest common denominator of human society and you'll find very little "dumb-ed down" content here.

Just because a message is unpopular does not, necessarily, mean that it is invalid.

This forum encourages open and candid discussions and debates. Differences of opinion are okay; personal...

Doomsday Preppers

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Anyone seen this? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if some of you are ON this. I watched one episode and it was pretty scary.

Seven Billion, really?

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Will you PLEASE stop breeding, jeez .. what the fuck is wrong with you people?

There were 4 billion people on the planet the year I was born. NEARLY doubled now, 40 years later.

Knock it the fuck off.

See the pop stats for the year you were born HERE.

Fucking breeders.... goddamn I hate you.