Befriend A Killer


Jan 12, 2009
I want to befriend a killer then write him very vivid letters about how amazing it is that i'm able to walk around outside and enjoy the feel of the wind on my face, the taste of fine cuisine any time I want, and most importantly the feel of a snug vagina wrapped around my penis.

Hopefully he'll be able to live vicariously through me, and as such maybe not be quite as remorseful for killing an innocent person... :15_002:

Guess Who

Jun 25, 2009
Oh yah thats just what i want to be friends with a death row inmate. (Being sarcastic my the way)


Mar 3, 2008
Let's look at number 18 on the list, Phillip Carl Jablonski.
A nice old guy who would like a penfriend...preferably female?
Jablonski, Phillip Carl 62 Male San Quentin CA

What was his crime to get him on death row?
I did a little investigation.

"Phillip Jablonski's childhood was a very unpleasant one, his father was an alcoholic, and beat his mother and sisters, sodomizing them also. Phillip was put in prison for a murder and was later released, only to go on a week long bloody murder rampage. He killed a female pen-pal that he met while in prison, he even killed his own mother in-law. He slit throats, sodomized, and even canabalized his victims, and performed sex on their dead bodies. He loved to watch the blood gush from his vicitims necks,and says his motto is "the only good women is a dead one"!

Jablonski, 47, is charged with the April 1991 mutilation slayings of four women, including his wife and her mother in Burlingame, while on parole for killing his third wife. He could face the death penalty if convicted. If he is found competent to stand trial, a different jury will decide whether he is guilty of the charges. Jablonski has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, a mental disorder that causes him to hear voices, said Jeff Boyarsky, his court-appointed attorney. ``He is not connected to reality,'' Boyarsky said. ``It is not enough to just sit there.'' But according to prosecutor Martin Murray, Jablonski's detached stares and occasional wide-eyed glances around the courtroom are part of a carefully planned act to manipulate the system and evade justice. Jablonski is charged with killing his wife, Carol Spadoni Jablonski, 47, and her mother, Eva Inge Peterson, 72, in their Burlingame home on April 23, 1991. The women were shot and sexually mutilated. Carol Spadoni married Jablonski on June 16, 1982, while he was serving a prison sentence for the 1979 murder of his third wife, Melinda Kimball. Jablonski also is charged with killing Fathyma Vann, 38, in Indio, about 25 miles from Palm Springs, the day before the double-murder. Vann was found shot and sexually mutilated in the desert with ``I love Jesus'' carved in her back. Jablonski is also charged with killing Margie Rogers, 58, during a $158 robbery in Grand County, Utah, on April 27, 1991. He was captured the next day at a rest stop in Kansas."

What a darling man. I must immediately befriend him and he can be my Grandpa, Father, husband, lover or whatever.
Yeh, right!!!!