Bibles Back in School


Which part makes you happy, that little interest has been shown so far or that they will offer the classes elsewhere if an interest is there?
It makes me giggle that after all the fighting and debating to get "bible study" in school again, almost nobody wants to take it.

"Since this came up, we have not had anyone ask to explore the class, and we haven't had a large number of students to express an interest in the class," said Dean Jackson, spokesman for the Coweta County School System.


Spank Me!
Mar 3, 2008
North Main Street
I remember when I was in High School that's when the law was passes in CA ?? about no bible studies at school anymore. Our school had one that was lead by a teach in the mornings before home room. Only about 4 or 5 students attended it and I think all of them went to that teacher's church. Well. . .policy came out that it could no longer be held there at school and like 50 kids made a huge deal out of it just to protest I think. Finally after fighting for it they discovered there could be bible study at school as long as it was lead by a student and not attended by any adults. Like the first day 30 people went. . the second day like 4 and after a week it was over. The fact is . . most kids aren't going to go learn about religion unless its the "in" thing to do. I don't think people really become interested in truly learning about anything until they are adults and actually start forming true opinions of their own.