Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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Mar 10, 2008
Fayettenam Area, NC
Sadly, I think we have seen a permanent decline in FPS. The game designers are much more interested in making the game for online play as opposed to story and depth for single players.

This is sort of a response to the above quote.

I bought the game on Saturday and finished the campaign Sunday evening. The story line was shaky and did not feel as if it flowed like a good story would have had it been given a fair Chance, instead it felt as if they were in a rush to get to the death of the antagonist from the MW2. (Makarov) Almost as if they were grooming the purchasing public for a no campaign, online play ONLY version in the near future.

MW3 game is unabashedly centered around its online play, more so in 3 than ever before. The campaign is a weak attempt to get their wallet padded from folks that have no interest in online or even co-op play. And the hype payed off with sales hitting over 1 billion in just over two weeks.

And like many have said the campaign simply was just an ending chapter in the MW3, there was nothing new to it, no standout tech or improved AI. I played on the next to highest difficulty and once again I blazed through the game even when confronted by dozens of well armed enemy. And at times your 'team mates' found it funny to constantly get in your way ... you'd expect much more from a SOF-D operative.

Anyway ...

The online and the new spec-op mode are indeed fun. But hardly innovative, Spec-op seems like a reworked Zombie co-op from Black ops.

And Call of Duty Elite? (the franchise’s new social network.) Oh no no ... I'm not signing up for that.. there are already far too many tweens and teens running rampant on the online area as it is.

This may be the last MW that I buy. Disappointing.


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Mar 2, 2008
I have never been a fan of FPS type games that are mostly based on running around shooting "stuff". I do need a story line that is made to keep a single player captivated for hours.
A game that you can finish within a few hours is just not worth paying $60 for. MW3 was apparently set up as starting platform for multi-player gaming.


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May 30, 2008
Don't think I'll be going for MW3. I watched the game from start to finish on youtube. It's cheaper that way and much more fun when you can skip the tiring waves of baddies that live for nothing but to eat my bullets and spread red jelly on my face. It's a shame. I enjoyed playing COD back when it was merely trying to compete with the Medal of Honor franchise...back before preteens orgasmed to kill streak rewards. Back when WWII technology forced every online encounter to be "hardcore" mode.

I have yet to play a Battlefield game though and Battlefield 3 looks like a compelling enough competitor to COD. I may look into it. Recommendations?


Oct 25, 2013
I do need a story line that is made to keep a single player captivated for hours.
That's why I loved Half-Life and HL2. I have not gotten around to any of the successors, though.

That is ALSO why I like to play RPG games. 90+ hours of story and useful gameplay.