Civilians, in general, are weak, soft and sheep like.


Civilians, in general, are soft and sheep like.

MY opinion is Based on direct and indirect observation from the mid 1980s till today.

I use to think that here in the USA we, citizens, would rise up against tyranny and government overstep, that we would embrace a national adversity as a thing to be overcome with honor and dignity.

I no longer think this. Citizens, currently, are readily receptive to steering and direction from central government than ANY other time in my lifetime. Vast groups of civilians are clamoring and whining about a short time of "social distancing", about shortages of items, etc.

Shame on you, get a grip. Act like an adult.
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Mar 2, 2008
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A singular person can be smart. People are dumb. The intelligence contained within any particular assemblage of humanity is directly and inversely proportional to the amount of people contained therein.

I'm not surprised in the slightest by the meekness in the face of fear mongering during a "crisis." We have become a society who allows others to do all our thinking for us; and we collectively accept it with open eyes and smiling face.

Everyone can stay within their "safe space" while those in power protect and provide for us. Modern life is like perpetual kindergarten.
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