Come to my Beach


Sep 16, 2010
Ya get to do sweet fuck all !! LOL

The mayor responsible for Australia's famous Bondi Beach says she backs a Council clampdown at Perth's Cottesloe Beach, which would see beachgoers fined up to $500 for a range of offences including flying kites, using oversized umbrellas or digging holes.

Under a proposal to be considered by the Town of Cottesloe for Perth's most popular beach, 60 extra clauses would be added to the council's beach law, banning a total of 100 listed activities at the famous beach.

The report said an increase in the beach's popularity, and the number of events that take place on the beach and a nearby reserve, meant the existing laws were no longer adequate.

If the proposal is passed, the new rules could see alcohol, glass bottles and containers banned. It will also be illegal to dive off the popular Cottesloe pylon, drop cigarette butts, use toy vehicles and erect umbrellas bigger than three square metres.

Beachgoers to one of Australia's most popular ocean fronts, Bondi in NSW, have to comply with eight restrictions covering a ban on ball games, alcohol, smoking, dogs, selling things, glass and urination. Kite flying is restricted to a festival held once a year.

Waverley Council mayor Sally Betts said the ball game and kite restrictions were in place because the beach attracted upwards of 40,000 people on a sunny day.

"I think the issue is that when you've got beaches as popular as Bondi and Cottesloe you have to control the movement of people," Ms Betts said.

"I have to say to the Perth council I understand how difficult it is, you just have to somehow manage all the people and try and keep them safe, and the problem is if you have people doing too many things it can become dangerous."

Ms Betts said she didn't think Waverley Council would consider a ban of sun shelters at Bondi because of a partnership with the Cancer Council that sees lifeguards encouraging people to wear sunscreen and stay in the shade.

Under Cottesloe's proposals taking commercial photographs, obstructing steps and pathways, and wasting water by leaving taps running, would also be prohibited. Fines would range from $100 to $500.

Talkback radio was running hot over the debate today with many callers saying the new rules being proposed were too strict, while others thought it would make the beach better.

After the council considers the proposal, the draft laws will be advertised state-wide for public comment


Herban Legend
Mar 5, 2008
NOBODY thought it odd that a council would demand NON ARABS to cover up while swimming during RAMDAN so as not to offend Arabs....that DON"T FUCKING SWIM ON THAT DAY ANYWAY?

If anyone gives a shit...the measure was defeated. Soundly.

THIS (the lack of interest) is why the PC crowd fucking STEAM ROLLS over the average person.


Political Correctness is something akin to sunday drives and drive-in theaters: A stupidity that will last for a short time and then fade out when all the morons who subscribe to it die off.

My theory is thus: Being politically correct is against human nature. Going against human nature is stressful. Increased stress=increased risk for high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, etc. THAT means a shorter life expectancy.


Trunk Monkey
Jul 1, 2008
Sydney, Australia
I blame the Jews, Gingers and the queens.

Goddamn assholes.
You were closer to the mark than you think. Waverly Council has the largest Jewish population in all of Sydney. Coogee/Clovelly (just up the road) have a large Irish population, so you have a lot of gingers there and Sydney in general is full of fags.

You know that game "Punch Buggy"? We play a similar game everytime we go down to Bondi except we yell out "Jew!" when we see one in a full Jew outfit and hit each other. It's quite fun. Plus, to get to Bondi I sometimes cut through Belleview Hill (aka Belljew Hill) or Vaucluse (aka Forjews).