End of the World... sorta


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Mar 2, 2008
Let's assume the world sorta kinda came to an end.
However, due to clever planning and preparation, you managed to have a decent place to stay. Some type of power source and running water are available. You have a decent stash of basic medical and personal hygiene supplies. Food could be difficult to find at times, but not impossible. Internet, TV and radio are gone. You have a way to cook, keep food cool but no freezer.

What are the 5 convenience items you would like to have and why? Convenience items are things you don't really need for survival but would make it a lot easier... (no honey, a tank is not in this category)

1. water heater - decent size.
Hot water is needed for a lot of stuff. And I don't want to use cold water in the winter...

2. washing machine
Washing clothes by hand is something that should be avoided

3. food dehydrator
Dehydrating food and canning are the only options to preserve food if you don't have a freezer. With a dehydrator even smaller portion of fruits, veggies and even meat can be preserved.

4. Books
If you don't know how to do a certain thing, you need a way to figure it out and reading up on it is much easier than the trial-and-error method.

5. Chocolate

Your turn.

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Mar 10, 2008
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no honey, a tank is not in this category

I did not say a Tank. I said an ASV. ---> This . ( And yes,I know where about 35 of them are parked ready for the taking.)

5 convenience items
I really dunno about convenience items, since 100% of my life now becomes a Security Operation. And your 5 items listed are actually already in our End of Days plan silly ... But hell. I'll try.

1. Cigarettes. Fuck it, the world has went to shit, I actually ENJOYED smoking when I used to do it. Plus it IS a decent way to stay awake at times AND it keeps the mosquitoes at bay usually.

2. Condoms. The last thing I want in my collection of rescued (female only) humans is a bunch of little fuckers running about.

3. Popcorn. The stove top variety. Good munchy snack.

4. Booze. Whiskey ..etc.

5. Maps. Long haul trucker maps that show each and every surface road in the US,Canada and Mexico.


Oct 25, 2013
1.) Some sort of gun with lots of ammunition, preferably something that can be used for hunting... but more importantly, keep the other apocalyptic survivors at bay.

2.) A car. Fuck if I'm going to walk everywhere just because the world 'sploded.

3.) A gaming device. While I am not a huge gamer by any means, I know the tortures of true boredom and I think this would alleviate it immensely.

4.) Coffee pot -- Yes, I am addicted.

5.) Heater or thermal blanket. I'm a bitch when it comes to living in the cold.


Mar 11, 2008
Honestly, I don't mind "toughin" it with certain things.. but I'm gonna have to bitch out on other certain things.

1) Coffee. I don't care if it means suckin on the grounds. I. just. need. coffee.

2) cigarettes - menthols. Definitely.

3) soap. some kind of soap.

4) MUSIC ! my crappy ass little ipod... something. I can't stand the sound of other people. I *have* to be able to shove my earbuds in and pretend you don't exist.. or else there's gonna be huge issues. 'Specially round meal times =/ (the way people generally eat pisses me off for some reason. " *snarf snarf smack smack* har har, ya rimembur that tyme I wers pickin ma ass and ettin' a pertato? *snarf snarf smack smack - some pieces fly out in my general direction* that wers tha best, wun it?" <-- death. there will be dying for people. yep.

5) cards. I want to be able to take my mind off of things every now and then with a nice, friendly, horrifically competitive card game. In which I will always whoop all y'all's asses and you will hate me for it. But you'll still play, hoping you'll beat me at some point. teehee ;D


Aug 31, 2009
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1) good robust rifle, preferably and AK47, with reload kit, lots of ammo, and ammo parts.

2) the biggest problem is going to be clean drinking water, even if its running, cholera is no walk in the park, so a couple crates of these : http://www.sureaqua.com/

3) Books, every possible subject loaded on my ipad, and the solar charger to recharge my ipad, should i need to get mobile quickly.

that's absolutely it .. if i think back to my army days, it was really only item no1, everything else could be obtained with the correct application of item no1


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Mar 2, 2008
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Your turn.
If Internet, TV and Radio is out, then we must presume that electricity is out as well.

Unless you've got a generator or a rechargeable battery that operates on solar or wind power, that would make your #1, 2 and 3 moot.

1. Books based on survival, physics (for making contraptions), star gazing (for navigation) and pure entertainment.

2. Can opener. Will have to head into the city to stock up on tin items.

3. Some device used for making fire. Maybe a magnifying glass for day use. Night? I don't know yet.

4. Bowie knife.

5. My glasses.


May 7, 2008
1. Back to basics books. Reader's digest may have sucked for everything else, but this series covers everything from solar power plants to how to grow just about anything, anywhere. Good reference material.

2. Cases of non perishable food. Cans can be traded later as currency for almost anything else I need.

3. My RV from hell with sufficient fuel and propane to keep me in creature comfort. Has a 100 gallon water heater Abs :)

4. My red gun safe and reloading equipment. Red safe is set up for emergencies with long guns for hunting and low maintenance hand guns and shot guns for defense. Factory loads will get hard to come by fast and reloading will be essential.

5. Sat phone with scanner. I might not want to communicate with others, but I would defintely like to know if anyone is coming into my area.


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Mar 2, 2008
I did not say a Tank. I said an ASV.
I should have said "armored vehicle and such"...

5.) Heater or thermal blanket. I'm a bitch when it comes to living in the cold.
Exactly!! That's why I have a water heater on my list.

3) soap. some kind of soap.
You have a decent stash of basic medical and personal hygiene supplies.
You already got that covered... :)

Books appear to be a common item (that includes the electronic versions). And coffee...