Mar 11, 2008

What would you lose if you didn't have a pinky finger? Often people consider the pinky (pinkie) as a decorative accessory of the hand. However, hand therapist will confirm that with losing your little finger you will lose about 50 percent of your hand strenght. Interestingly, sometimes the pinky is used for making hand gestures. But more often the little finger is featured with abnormalities which appear to be related to certain problems in body and/or mind. For example, only recently a Dutch researcher revealed that a 'curved' pinky is often seen in the hands of people who have autism!

The pinky, the humble fifth finger, is often considered as a bit of a decorative accessory: the little finger to crook daintily while sipping tea from a teacup. Compared with the other fingers the pinky doesn't carry the heavy burdens of the pointer, the index finger, which pokes things importantly and flicks through the Rolodex on urgent missions. The pinky also doesn't display your life's commitment with a belt of bright gold, as ring finger does. And the pinky doesn't, like the middle finger, succinctly communicate impudence or defiance.