For Goodness Snake


Mar 3, 2008
Woman Discovers 9-Foot Snake In Back Yard That Ate Her Cat.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A woman in Orlando who went looking for her cat made a horrifying discovery. Instead of finding her favorite pet, she found a huge boa constrictor in her back yard on Oregon Street .
"She said, 'I've got a big snake. Would you please come and help us with him," explained Corey Hicks, Critter Control.
The 9-and-half-foot long snake he had just eaten the cat that used to call the back yard home.
"What happens is these animals notice pets in yards. They set up shop here. It's like a big buffet for them," Hicks said.
Hicks said, despite their size, the big snakes are experts at camouflage.
"Unless this guy is cruising across your driveway, across your street or just hanging out in your yard, you would never see him," he said.
Hicks said he's sees it all the time. It was the sixth snake he's been called to capture in the past few months. He said people buy the animals but soon realize they are a lot to handle and just let them go.
"It's just irresponsible pet ownership," Hicks said.
The snake will not be harmed. The guys at Critter Control plan to take him on as a pet and call him their new mascot.

...and then you get other people who have them willingly around the house...

Will Smith's Pet Snake
WILL SMITH is sharing his home with a deadly boa constrictor, after his seven-year-old daughter WILLOW brought one home as a pet.
The actor sent Willow to the pet store to buy a frog, and was shocked with she returned with the one metre long baby snake.
He says, "I looked at my wife and said, 'Honey, that ain't no frog.' It will grow to 14 feet."

We don't have snakes in my country, not even in the zoos.
I have never seen one and I'm certain they'd give me the heebie jeebies.
Has anyone had any interesting encounters with these reptiles?


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Mar 11, 2008
Rule Britannia!
My uncle used to have a snake years ago (couldn't tell you the make or model, but it was probably an 'F' reg).

That 4-ft-long fooker was let loose in his flat.... I'd be sitting, watching Ricky, (GO RICKY) and drinking tea (GO TEA).... and this big fucking lump would slide over my lap or under my feet. Eww.

*edit* the lump was definitely the snake, and not my uncle. mmmkay.


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Mar 20, 2008
I lived in Honduras for 14 months and Panama for 6.

Snakes were an every day occurrence in the jungle. The biggest I have seen is an Anaconda that was over 7 meters long.

Good times ... good times.

Not related ...

I'm not sure of what confuses me more, you using metric or wikipedia hosting that picture.

Edit: On topic: Other than my one eyed snake, the only encounter I have with reptiles outside of zoos is the Iguana my mate once had. The dumb shit jumped to his death.


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Mar 2, 2008
Hong Kong, hiding from the Kommies!
There was a show about that in the History Channel (or Discovery?) and seems that Florida is now having a big problem with it.

These snakes are attacking alligators in the swamps.
People will buy the snakes and take care of them until the reach about 2 meters or more and it gets to be too much for feeding and handling them, so they let them go in the woods and swamps which seems a natural thing to do and merciful, but they're not symbiotic with the Everglades.

Even here in Asia there is a problem with the Mississippi water turtle, mommy buys it for screaming jr. who thinks it's cute until it gets too big and they let them go in the rivers and ravines. They're recking havoc with the ecosystems.

Hell, look at Hardwood and the mess he creates here. Someone get him back in his cage.

(Did I read anything near like Titty? I want to sound smart and sarcastic like him. He's my hero!!)