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So, this has been one fucked up year for me, not that you care, I just thought that if nothing else y'all could post to bash me lol

I spent the first 2 weeks of the year sick and in the hospital. Then the next four months in a violent relationship, at times fearing for my life. Now, things at home have settled down. I have gotten tattoo's the last three Sunday's. I have joined weigh watchers and I am down 8.4 lbs in two weeks.

I have discovered that most people are hypocrites and liars, yes I knew this before, I just thought there were exceptions to this, I am learning fast that if there are exceptions, they are not in my time at this time.

OK so, what is new with you?


"not in your time at this time"?

Hmm....I told you once, that's what shotguns are for.... Anyway.

I've pretty much shared my bit with the forum. Nothing too exciting except that perhaps a friend from across the globe might come visit me sometime this year. Hopefully, anyway. Finners crossed.


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Mar 2, 2008
Hong Kong, hiding from the Kommies!
Have you ever considered that getting a job in accounting maybe going out with the dinosaurs?

Most all big firms and now small firms have found it cost effective to out-source their accounting work to India.
Indians are hard working people with a reasonable grasp of the English language and way far ahead of most Americans, generally speaking, in mathematics.
It's also cheaper.


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Mar 2, 2008
Where the sun doesn't shine
Let's see.....

  • My oldest just entered his last year as a pre-teen this month.
  • My second oldest has developed an affinity for 60's, 70's & 80's music.
  • My 7 year-old's teacher is a cunt.
  • My 14 month-old is more mobile and linguistically advanced than any child I've ever encountered.
  • I still hate NY. And cell phones.

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Mar 10, 2008
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OK so, what is new with you?
The Good :

Finances are marching along in the proper direction and this year will be more bountiful than last. (barring a personal catastrophe of course)

I received my first tax REFUND this year ... well first one in over five years, my goal was to break even but I over shot it by $900. ( refunds are the devil ... and a SMART financial planner will shoot for a zero balance at tax time. )

Absinthe is fucking amazing .. and I continue to feel blessed to be her friend and lover.

The ehhh ...

I hate my job ... still.

I hate being a civilian .. still.

I hate society in general ... still.


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Mar 2, 2008
The Good :

Absinthe is fucking amazing .. and I continue to feel blessed to be her friend and lover.



* I got promoted a few months ago
* my sister in law is pregnant. We will have a little nephew in less than a month
* I will make a trip to Germany around Thanksgiving (that's the plan)


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Mar 5, 2008
Survived winter.
Planted a garden.
Considering selling my house and moving back to Florida.. permanently. Just had the wife of a couple out (from Florida incidentally) checking the place out. They're very interested. (said it suits what he wants.. bed and breakfast and opening a pay lake). Hubby and wife set to come back next Saturday.
Got two Rottweiler puppies. They showed up and I kept 'em.
Seeing two girls. Not very serious but that's better than none ..
Just about it.


Feb 28, 2014
Hiya, Grumpy. Congrats on bettering your situation!

So, I've started typing out about a dozen replies on this site in the past month or so, but something always manages to pop up and distract me before I get to finish. Lessee if I can do this:

Polar Bear and I scored tickets to Negril, Jamaica and we're planning to get hitched while we're there. Yeah, Jamaica seems like a funny place to head to in July... but we had actually meant to go down there in February or March. Howeverrrrr, my dad gets these things called cluster headaches (aka suicide headaches) and he spent all of those two months miserable, so we couldn't ask the parents to watch the boy while Dad was dealing with that. He's hit a remission period now, though, and Mom offered to take him during her vacation week. (yay!)

I managed to knock about 15 pounds of winter fluff off my ass with some diet and exercise, but the other 15-20 just doesn't wanna go anywhere. Old injuries and sheer laziness are to blame. I'd love to say that with only a month to go I'll get around to being motivated again, but the munchkin is on summer vacation now, and that throws routine right out the window. (*sigh*)

Oh, and we've been encountering every possible problem two people can encounter along the way, from passports to notaries. However, I see a faint glow at the end of the tunnel.

Then, there's the munchkin. He turned 9 this year, and before Mr. Bear it was just him and me. He has my last name and he's VERY unhappy with the concept that I could take my new hubby's name. On the other side, the Bear doesn't mind if I don't take his name, as long as I don't hyphenate our names together (which would be silly anyway.. my name's long enough without chucking more letters onto it.) Oh, and there's no way in hell he's taking mine, though the munchkin's been doing his damndest to talk him into it. I've been given good advice as to what to do, but unfortunately I've heard great points to BOTH sides of the debate. So, yeah. I still don't know what my name will be next month.

I'm sure there's more, but I think the boy's up, so if I don't hit "send reply" now it'll never make it on here.

Oh! and...

Cranium said:
Absinthe is fucking amazing .. and I continue to feel blessed to be her friend and lover.