Go ahead...pet the pooch!


When most people hear the words Guard Dog or Attack Dog...they think of a few breeds. German Shepherds, with their bravery, loyalty, and reputation as K-9 units on many police forces. OR the Doberman....lovable if raised that way....and easy to train to pretty much handle any intruder with ease.

Then there is this guy . The Caucasian Shepherd. No that's not a white guy who raises sheep.
The breed's weight range is 102–180 pounds (46–82 kg.), although individuals over 220 pounds (100 kg) are not uncommon...
Good god that dog nearly outweighs me....must be ferocious!

Ok...or it could look like the biggest, dumbest, cuddly thing to ever walk on four legs. WTF?

Damn that's a big puppy...but...just look at that FACE!

No way in hell that is a guard dog...

Oh. Well, hey...thats gotta be a specially trained one...just look at the guys cushioned suit!


Ok....don't fuck with that thing. You ever wanna live ALONE....ever get tired of Jehovas Witnesses? Get one of these....

They are probably the most aggressive natural guard dog bred in domesticity and truly second to none in bellicosity towards strangers.
may exhibit ferocious and unmanageable tendencies
Owing to their size and nature these dogs should not be left alone with children.
Nightmare Fuel