Oct 25, 2013
As I was trick-or-treating with my little one yesterday, there must have been half of the amount of children out there running around than when I was a kid. Yesterday was a beautiful Halloween (low 50's, no wind or rain). Naturally, I started thinking about why this could be. I'm not 100% sure why, but I believe kids want to be more and more like their older counterparts, where trick-or-treating just is not "cool." I've seen this trend in other instances. *Sigh* I wish kids could be kids again.

Unhappy Camper

Hells yeah
Mar 10, 2008
Fayettenam Area, NC
*Sigh* I wish kids could be kids again.
I'm not so sure about this as I had a horrid childhood.

I remember only ONE Halloween from my youth ;

Being "po white trash" my dirtbag parents transported our poor asses over 25 miles to a "rich" neighborhood. My younger sister and I were running from one house to the next and being unfamiliar with the area were not aware of our impending doom.

We ran from house A to house B .. unfortunately there was a side street cut between the hillside and in the dark it looked like a flat side yard. Well, I saw it in the nick of time but my sister continued at full speed and fell the ten or so feet , face first on to the street. Cracked skull and the like. ( and .. because she had a cracked head we had to go home. what a crock !)

Anyway ..

I also truly do not like any kids under the age of ~13 or so. If the little bastard is incapable of 100% understanding of advanced concepts such as " he looks pissed off, we better leave" then I'd just as well you left your little fucker at home until it grows into a human first.

Kids smell. They are loud. They are dumb as hell. AND they can get away with all sorts of devious bullshit because it is 'frowned upon" when a 40 year old punches an 8 year old in the face because said 8 year old is just a piggish little fuck.

So. I see it from my perspective now and would not want to be a kid again.


Mar 11, 2008
There was buzz on facebook about "amber alert" for shitlets and whatever. I have no idea what it was and wasn't planning to be out regardless.

My kids are assholes. (mainly due to being children. and mine.)

I decided 4, 3, and 1 .. while being sick and anti-social is *probably* not ideal.

I made them sit inside, have a couple cookies, and watch Bladerunner with me.

..and be my beer runners.


Oct 25, 2013
would not want to be a kid again.
I didn't mean YOU be a kid again, I meant KIDS be kids again.

Perhaps I should elaborate. Kids (<12) play the same games that older kids, even adults play (IE: World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, etc etc). Kids have cell phones and know how to use social media better than their parents. My point is it seems like the youth of today are just miniature versions of adults. Except you can't punch an 8 year in the face for acting like a dick.

proper stranger

Apr 23, 2011
I wish kids could be kids again.
I had very few little weasels banging on my door looking for free eats this years..could not be happier about that.

I'm not so sure about this as I had a horrid childhood.

I remember only ONE Halloween from my youth
I hear that. I remember very little about Halloween, or any other holidays from my childhood, for that matter.
Somethings are best left forgotten.

Now, with a mess of little weasels of my own running helter skelter through my life...most everything is worth remembering.


Blah! I sent my little one dressed up like a zombie witch with scars all over her face, and black spray paint in her hair- with her friends who were dressed almost the same.

We are in closed urbanization, so completely safe (aside from that serial killer who lives in 2B...)

She brought back: 2 huge bars of choc and 3 bags of sweets. Last year, she didn't have quite so much success; only managing to bring back an orange and a bag of nuts...

...Whatever. I say Halloween is awesome!