Hey KommieKat ... !!!

Unhappy Camper

Hells yeah
Mar 10, 2008
Fayettenam Area, NC
Ya know .. you are always picked on around here and yet you remain an abrasive prick.

Also .. you make every effort to be less that cordial to my forum ideas and offer little more than negatives about the forum tools and stop short of offering your own ideas.

But guess what?

I appreciate you. I appreciate your posts and your point of view on various subjects. I even appreciate your negative and personally injurious banter about US Troops.

Thanks guy for being a valued member of the forum !


Mao's Pet Cat
Mar 2, 2008
Hong Kong, hiding from the Kommies!
I must say that I am deeply moved by this thread and all others that were made in my honor, showing nothing but love and bestowing my greatest virtues and qualities.

I want to thank the Nobel panel of judges, the Academe of Arts and Sciences and this fine forum of wonderful members.

Thank you mom, dad and my fans all over the world.

I care and love each and everyone of you.

My you never suffer a horrendous painful death. May all your sexual consummations and cardinal desires be met with full satisfaction.

God bless you all!