I have to ask...


Sneaker Pimp
Mar 21, 2008
Why? Are you a stalker??
I am in an on going battle with my son's father about Santa. He has recently told our son that I was a liar and told him there was no Santa all because he didn't want to participate in it. He doesn't like the idea of the illusion of Santa and never implied it at his house , but I however do every year till now that is. Is it so wrong to let a child use his imagination and be excited about something????

To add to this tale...His Dad did participate in the tooth fairy concept. Such hypocrite . It is ok for him to do the tooth fairy but not Santa in my home....

What are you thoughts on the topic of letting a child believe in fictional characters..... I think it makes for great imagination and fun... I enjoyed it as a child....


Mar 3, 2008
a) The Father should never have called you a liar to your son.
b) I don't feel he had the right to tell your son there is no Santa.
c) Who gives a rat's fuck what the Father believes in? It is your son's belief system that is important here.
d) Children should be encouraged to use their imagination, this is one of the things that make childhood so great.
e) Yes, he's a hypocrite re the tooth fairy.
f) Keep encouraging him to have fictional beliefs. I used to travel all over the world inside the books I was reading...and be anything I wanted.
g) You mention "my home" and "his house." One would presume you are living apart...I would suggest you keep it that way because he sounds like a selfish arrogant asshole.
h) Tell the loser to butt out of things like this in future or you will make his access nigh impossible. You could almost get a sympathetic Judge to go for some form of child abuse if you worded it carefully.


Sapphic Erotic
Mar 11, 2008
When a parents split-up and one (or both) start using the kids as weapons it is in my opinion the lowest of the low.


Mar 12, 2008
I agree with you amythist. Children should be allowed to believe for as long as possible. I do not agree with the dad telling the child there is no toothfairy, santa etc... My ex did the same thing to my daughter. He told her last year there was no santa, toothfairy, easter bunny and so. I could've killed him.
Another excuse i have been given is, why should the children be made to believe that santa and co exists? Why should these fictional characters gain all the credit when it's the parents that go out and pay for all these toys etc..?


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Apr 11, 2008
Personally, although I own no children, I am against force-feeding children false data, such as gods, Santa, and the tooth fairy and so on and so forth. I believe that the sooner children are introduced to reality, the better off they are.


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Mar 20, 2008
How old is your kid? i think if there still believing in santa at like 17, you might want to check to see if there living in a bubble. I still dont think thats right. Telling a kid there is no santa cloaus is like telling a grown main about vineral disease's. It ruins the fun out of alot of things. Id suggest a trade. You can ruin santa claus for him, if you get to remind him of VD before he has sex each time. The way you find out about santa is actually kinda important. It's a big myth, and an important one. If its dispilled without much thought or concideration your going to cause the kid some fucking trauma. Then if he's young, he's going to be the only kid around that thinks there is no santa.

My suggestion is this: If its beyond repair, teach him about saint nick, thet told fat swiss dude who gave presents, and show that he was once a real life living breathing person. And that weather or not you believe he still exists is an act of faith. or that he's dead, but his spirit is what makes people want to give gifts and be nice on christmas. So when you give gifts its like santa is giving them. I'd totally do that.

Also, let me punch this guy in the nose. Pick me up in chicago, i'd totally do it for free. It seems this guy wants his son to be super realisitic and have no imaginetion or dreams so he can face the cold harsh reality of life. I'd totally be showing my kid that being gay is a perfectly acceptable lifestyle, and if to young for that, that you two can play with dolls!!!


Apr 1, 2008
I never did santa...yet when, at age three, she said, "listen, mommy. I hear reindeer on the roof."

...I relucantly went along.

I did, however, have TONS of fun with the toothfairy. why? I have no idea...but something about bribing the kid to let me yank her teeth out just felt...fun.

maybe it was the fact that she knew I was full of shit and was using me for money that made it all balance out.