I want it now!


May 23, 2014
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Why are people these days so obsessed with having everything right now? Thinking this way is an absolutely devastating way of thinking. People are buying useless crap that they don't need and then having to scrounge up bits of money just to pay for food.

Every few days I hear about a local person that is complaining about being in debt when I see them driving around in a huge new truck, and living in a giant house with multiple televisions and all sorts of other expensive things they don't need and can't afford. This is a huge reason why so many people go into debt.

This isn't just individuals doing this. In fact the government is about the worst at wanting things now. In Germany they have roads that last many times as long as the ones in the USA because they spent money on the infrastructure.

The roads in the USA were laid down as quickly as possible at the cost of durability. The German roads could save hundreds of millions or even billions over the course of several years due to reduced maintenance. So why doesn't the USA use these roads? Because it takes new machinery to lay down these roads, and the machines cost more money right now.

Why is this the way people think? There is no advantage to have things now and nothing later. This idea of YOLO is absolutely ridiculous.
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El Shaddai
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Dec 25, 2001

Things wear out mostly because they must in order to keep the tax fodder class employed.