If you


Hello Ladies.
Feb 18, 2009
...had the opportunity to be a secret agent, working for MI5 (or your countries equivalent)

Being paid handsomely
Travelling the world
Having an exciting job, that makes a difference


Having to possibly relocate to another country for up to 3 years
Being unable to speak about where you work to anyone but your partner or closest family
At times being in dangerous situations, with dangerous people

Would you take it?



Hello Ladies.
Feb 18, 2009
Okay. Soo we've got two yesses, no no's yet but it's still early I guess, still, seems like a pretty popular idea so far, so, y'know, maybe we should all get on it?

Polar Bear

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Mar 5, 2008
I wouldn't. I already distrust my government as it is. The idea of working to help my government obscure the truth and possibly commit "sanctioned" crimes doesn't appeal to me. A small part of the reason I left the military is because I didn't fully agree with what I was doing. When you enter a service that puts your life at risk, I think you should at least have no reservations about it. I can imagine no greater waste for myself than dying for a cause I didn't believe in.

Also, I was much quicker to get behind the 'heroism' thing when I wasn't responsible for raising a child. Can't spend money once you're dead.

Just for the sake of argument, let's say that I'm never asked to do anything ethically questionable. (fat chance) I still think it would be irresponsible for me to choose a profession that would remove me as my kids father and my wife's husband for 3 years. Last but not least, that kind of work doesn't even sound fun. Real life danger isn't fun, guys. It's scary.

No scary jobs for me thank you. I'll support my country by being a good little consumer whore where I can continue to purchase and play xbox 360 games, and kiss my kid good night every day and bang my wife as often as she'll let me.


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Mar 3, 2008
North Main Street
At this stage in my life...I have to agree with Chappy. I can't risk letting the kids grow up without dad around. But I would have before kids and would consider it after kids if I was able. I pretty much have a weak constitution when it comes to personal etchics vs the ethics of the job. Meaning. . I'll be a stand up guy if its my choice but if the job says kill the SOB, or the job says cloud the truth for the sale I can do it. Doesn't feel as good at night but I can do it. I can understand grey.

Oddly I found entertainment in the Navy Cadet who had just graduated last Saturday and was on his way to Idaho for his "first real job". He explained he joined the Navy and chose his particular field because he wanted to be in a branch where people wanted to enlist. He didn't want to be serving next to the guy doing it just for school like in the Army. He didn't want to have to question if he was in battle if the guy next to him really wanted to be there or not for his country. I admired him for that. Then I asked him about the worst part of his camp life. That he said was fire duty. Everyone took watch for 1 hour at night to make sure no one tried to escape or abandon the unit and go AWOL. LOL. I said. . yep. . good thing you choose to be where people want to be there.


May 18, 2008
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Maybe, maybe not. It all would depend on timing I guess. At the moment I'm back to being single and care free. But would I want to leave behind a family or partner I'm not too sure. But then again come on it's ASIS what the fuck are we really going to do to you. Not exactly scary secret agents now are they. I can imagine we just get posted to Indonesia over and over again. Might get a bit stale. Now for those of you who don't realise ASIS is the Australian CIA/MI6. ASIO looks after domestic like MI5. Plus well the starting salary of $64,803 - $86,911 (plus superannuation) (off their website no less) really isn't that brilliant.

Unhappy Camper

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Mar 10, 2008
Fayettenam Area, NC
ASIS what the fuck are we really going to do to you
Yep, same here for the FBI. Like most jobs a new agent will work the shit jobs and lame ass assignments and will mostly get stationed to field work for years. Dudes that have egg head specializations or are in the counter terrorism field do better in getting the "Hollywood" assignments.

I'd rather work on a sheriff's department high risk situation and special tactic team. (also known as SWAT and SRT)


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May 30, 2008
I'm not the "do your duty and shut your mouth" type.

I'd blab to everyone that I was fucking Jason Bourne and if any haters argued I'd kill them to prove my point.

In short, I'm too risky for the government, and myself, to be employed as such.