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Hells yeah
Mar 10, 2008
Fayettenam Area, NC
Hi, web crawlers, I said IPHONE.

To everyone else .. Iphone can suck my balls.



Hello Ladies.
Feb 18, 2009
Yeahh, all things aside my iPhone of 18 months is the best purchase I've ever made... I've got so much use of of it, it just plain rocks.

"the monthly bill is cheaper" - the only option to which I wouldn't say "i don't care".

"Does it come with a case?"


Mar 11, 2008
Get your iphone FREE on swollencranium.com !!!

..just kidding. take a survey, whore the site, donate a million dollars and maybe.


I has title
Mar 20, 2008
Fuck Iphone and any fucking moron who buys a mac without knowing the basics of computers.
I'm sick and tired of retarded mac users who ask if the goddamn ethernet cable is compatible with their mac.


Gee whiz, last time I brought up the point of Mac users being douche-nozzles someone said some cliche bullshit about 3 fingers pointing back at me..

The iPhone is a waste of time and money. Shit tons of phones out there can do the SAME FUCKING THING for less $$ that only DOUCHE-NOZZLES buy it. Same goes for the iPad....

"Look at me, I'm a pretentious fuckstain with my iPhone and iPad!! I'm so much better than you because I don't have any sense of what my dollar is worth so I throw it away on useless gadgets that are overpriced to begin with!!"

Fuck Apple. Fuck the iPhone. And Fuck anything else that they ever came out with. My cheap assed Samsung phone can play Mp3's and if I throw in my cheap assed Motorola stereo bluetooth headphones, I can rock out to my shit with no problem. Oh, and it is a touch screen phone that DIDN'T cost me over $300 just to get my grubby hands on!!

Goddamn fuckin prick bastards...(no offense GDP)


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Mar 2, 2008
Hong Kong, hiding from the Kommies!
The iPhone is a waste of time and money.
How can it be a waste of time? Maybe money, but time?

Shit tons of phones out there can do the SAME FUCKING THING
Actually, no. There are not a lot out there that do the same thing, except cheapo copycats like Samsung.

I've noticed there are now lots of phones out there "that can do the same" AFTER the iPhone was introduced. Hmm. Wonder why that is.
Could it be the Apple is an innovative company? No no no. Can't be that!!

There are some phones that do even more, like Android.

Same goes for the iPad....
Yeah, I see you there, bro. I noticed there are now a shit ton load of Pads coming out in the market, again, AFTER Apples iPad.
Hmm. Wonder why that is. Could it be that Apple is an innovative company? No no no. Can't be that!

Do you have any fucking idea what you're talking about? You sound like some punk ass bitch that was left out in society, so to get back at everybody, you start whinning and bitching.

Do you have any idea how many jobs were created by that little device? Not just people coming out with Apps and being paid for it, but the other peripherals like covers, cases, earphones, docks and so forth?

Have you noticed how it spread across the globe?
You realize on the train I take to work that 15 people out of 20 in that coach has one?

That's not called being pretentious. That's called being genius.

That phone has done it's job by stimulating the communications market, peoples minds, a good conversation topic, as well as advancing the telecommunications industry by about a decade or so.

What have YOU done?
Oh, let me see.........

"Look at me, I'm a pretentious fuckstain with my tattoo that every other fuckstain has. Gee look at me. I'm so special.


Oh, I see.
Mar 16, 2008
i know everybody's always Really Mad about their computer/phone preferences and all, but it's pretty simple.

get a mac if:
- you want a unix-like operating system with a usable, intuitive, and pretty ui
- you're uncomfortable with researching or unwilling to research the myriad of ways to keep your system clean and safe. to most people, it's impossible to differentiate between legitimate, working software (MSE/malwarebytes/combofix/etc.) and scareware (antivirus xp 2008- looks legitimate, but does nothing but install more spyware, and the typical end user isn't informed enough to notice)
- you're generally unconcerned with how things work. the filesystem is abstracted away; don't worry about c:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Desktop and the like, just drop shit in the Applications folder. problem? take it to the apple store. they will fix it. backing up your data with time machine, reinstalling snow leopard, and importing your data again is something that they're absolutely willing to do. apple also has a track record for replacing broken hardware, regardless of warranty (note that this won't apply in every case, but this still speaks volumes about their excellent customer service).

use windows if:
- you're used to it and comfortable with keeping patches and anti-virus up-to-date. this is especially important if you disable UAC (which everyone does, it's an awful solution to a problem that unix/linux/os x solved a long time ago)
- there's no substitute for familiarity with an operating system. if you're very comfortable in a windows environment, there's absolutely no reason to switch.
- you're a gamer, obviously
- you like more control over the hardware aspects of the system- a better driver management interface, overclocking, etc. overclocking is possible on a mac but messy.
- cost is an issue. it's true that you can buy mac-comparable hardware for a lot less, but there are things that you don't get- real aesthetic value, the benefits to the layperson of being able to dump all of their problems on the geniuses at the apple store, etc.

don't use linux:
- don't use linux.

the iphone/android debate is similar. a factory iphone offers a more restricted environment, which may sound unappealing until you realize that "restricted" in this case is just short for "can't be fucked up by users that would fuck it up otherwise." the apps in the app store are generally high quality, which is something that apple takes very seriously. also, a jailbroken iphone is absolutely capable of doing everything that an android phone can.

a factory android phone doesn't offer much more than a factory iphone. home screen widgets are one plus. the downside of android is the much poorer overall quality of apps. the fact that the app store is shared between all android phones is a major cause of this; users with a two-year-old g1 don't understand why an app written for the droid doesn't work with their phone.

otherwise, the phones are pretty similar from an end-user perspective. the upside of android "copying" apple every time they roll out a new feature is that it keeps the market fresh, exciting, and constantly evolving.

personally, i have a macbook pro and a motorola droid, and am thrilled with both.

just, i don't know, use what you like? anybody who can't recognize the merits of different computing/phone platforms just doesn't really understand computers. i will never again in good conscience recommend a windows pc to my grandmother; i've cleaned that shit up too many times. similarly, i'll never recommend os x to a gamer, and i'll never, never push ubuntu on anyone- people who use linux use it for good reason, and you don't need to sell it to them. if they need it, they already use it

welp that's my post


Jul 29, 2008
personally, i have a macbook pro and a motorola droid,
Ditto on the Droid. I dropped AT&T and my 32 gig 3GS iPhone just to get the Droid X and Verizon's network.

The fact that Android is an open os was the kicker for me. True, you can jailbreak an iPhone (which my 3GS was), but when jailbroken, the iphone still lacks the customization that a rooted Android phone has.

Another big kicker for me was the HDMI out port on the Droid X (something that Apple didn't remedy with the iPhone 4).

Beyond everything, the biggest factor for me was the network. AT&T is simply sub-par in the realm of 3g internet (combined with their new data restrictions which suck complete ass). I NEVER lose my 3G signal with Verizon. And I'm also not limited to a set amount of data with the plan I have.

My only real complaint is a lack of apps (more games than anything) on the Android market. Simply put, the games in the Android market are way behind iPhone's. I have a couple of emulators and can play old Sega and Nintendo games, but even that gets lame after a while. I've got a 1 gig processor and 512 meg of ram. I should be running Madden 11 on this phone, not fucking bubble pop and whack-a-mole. It's gay, and I can't believe someone hasn't done anything about it yet.

There's some speculation about Verizon getting a CDMA iPhone relatively soon, and if that happens, I'll consider another iPhone, but I'm pretty confident that I'll stick with Android. I only wish I would have opted for the Evo 4G with Sprint.