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May 28, 2009
Something delightful happened, today, and I'm going to share it with you fine ladies and gents, today.

Three years ago, I worked at a foundry that made aluminum parts for various different companies.
There was a woman who worked there, I'll call her Tammy for now.
Tammy worked as a quality control specialist, and she thought she was God's gift to the planet and acted like she was a supervisor...when she absolutely was not. She was just a nasty bitch.

I ran a special machine along with two other operators on first and third shift, and we were the only three approved to work on it. Some days, the machine had a 3 minute cycle time for the parts.
There was a cardboard insert laying on top of the bench, where the other two operators and myself would make stupid little doodles and write dumb notes to each other on.
I used a separate smaller cardboard spacer to write down my math on, and I drew a couple silly looking stick figures on it.

One afternoon when I got to work, my cardboard insert had a note written on it from Tammy.
The note said:
"It's real cute that you have all this time to be drawing all over stuff. You're not paid to be drawing on stuff you're paid to work so why don't you start working!"

That was what it said, but this is how Tammy wrote it:

"Its rell cut that you have all this time to be drawring all over stuf. Your not payd to be drawring on stuf your paid to work so why dont you start working!"

Everybody in the shop knew who all the notes came from because Tammy was the only person in there that had the spelling abilities of a second grader. To top it all off, we also knew that she had fake boobs and had been a stripper for years.

I'm not picking on strippers...but I'm picking on this one.

A stripper with fake boobs, who literally gauged parts all day (takes NO skill) with the spelling abilities of a second grader left me this note.

I left one for her.

"It's real cute that you have all this time to be writing long letters to employees you have no business addressing. I have a 3 minute cycle on my machine, and I do exactly what I'm supposed to. I get paid for it, too.
If you have a problem with me, feel free to go to management about it."

...Needless to say, Tammy (who worked at this place for 15 years) put her two-weeks notice in a week later.

I wound up quitting as well because I found a higher-paying job.

So, anyway, I'm a department manager/trainer/lead operator at a machine shop now. You know. Like. An actual boss.


The QC bitch in the flesh, none other than Tammy.

I knew a new woman was starting today, but I didn't think anything of it until the plant supervisor came through my area...with Tammy, scowling away at everything.

We made eye-contact. Her face crumbled like a napkin.
I cannot tell you guys how delightful it felt, as a department manager, to have HER coming through MY department.

Share some stories with me guys. Tell me a story about somebody who got theirs! I haven't stopped thinking about it since it happened. I'm on cloud nine, today.

Goddamn Tammy.

EDIT: I forgot to mention. This bitch is 40+ Years old.
Just...the ultimate worst, ignorant kind of adult.
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Oct 23, 2013
Redneckville, Canada.
Oooh that is too funny. Over the years I've really come to believe the old saying that the tables really do turn.

I have a good one. So at my work I look after a water utility for a small town. The utility was established in the seventies, and at the time the guy who was installing the line (we'll call them the Hatfields) requested that he be able to also run a private line to his uncle and his farms just outside the town boundary. Because this was done in the seventies it was done verbally with a handshake. No service agreement. No easement.

Fast forward to 2009. Mr. Hatfield's uncle dies and his acreage goes up for sale. It is bought by a couple that we'll call the McCoys. All is well until 2011 when the McCoys (who weren't living on the acreage) had their pipes freeze and burst during a particularly cold winter. They request for their water service to be because they didn't want to pay the minimum fee. They were removed from the water utility and pretty much were otherwise forgotten. Until...

The summer of 2017, the McCoys decide they are going to finally move back to the acreage. However, they decide they are going to demolish the old house and move an RTM on. Only they don't want it where the old house is located, they want the new house further back - which means moving the connection. It's at this point that both the Hatfields and the town Mayor go out there and tell the McCoys that the Hatfield also get their water from this line, and that they need to install a t junction in order to make sure they don't accidently cut off the Hatfields water.

They disregard that advice, and instead have a curbs top installed effectively cutting off the water connection of the Hatfields. Keep in mind, the McCoys still are not living at their acreage. Naturally, Mr Hatfield is pissed. He goes over to the McCoys to tell them what had happened and to tell them to fix it. I don't know 100% the details of this conversation, only that it ended with Mr. Hatfield calling Mrs. McCoy a bitch and the McCoys telling Mr. Hatfield to get the Fuck off his land.

Six days go by. The Hatfields are hauling water as they live on their farm. The Mayor tries to negotiate with the McCoys, all that is needed is a t-junction, a super inexpensive fix. Mr. Hatfield even offers to install it himself for free, he just wants his water back. The McCoys refuse, stating that there is no easement so they can do with the line as they wish, and it was too bad they didn't have water, but not their problem.

So here's where it gets funny. Now, the McCoys property (which was originally Mr. Hatfields uncle's) was subdivided out of the Hatfields, and it was done in such a way that left the Hatfields land on all sides. Which meant that the line ran through Mr. Hatfields land first, then to the McCoys, then to the Hatfield farm. So, Mr Hatfield dug a trench on his own land around the McCoys, hooked back up to the line before it entered the McCoys property, and cut their line off.

If that isn't sweet justice I don't know what is.