Hello Ladies.
Feb 18, 2009
Dear Cranium:

I know, but who's the billionaire right now?

Yours Sincerely,


Nov 19, 2010
Dirty Jew bastard....
I'm disappointed in you. Some kid invents a huge social networking site, makes billions, is on the cover of time, has a movie about him and still can't get leaid, and the best you can do is "jew?"
I mean come on, he's day-glo orange, and looks like a bigger chuff than wenis.

Facebook dioes have it's good points. I joined with the addy I use for the boards, and one of the first people it spit out was some punk in KY. Hmm, I didn't think I knew anyone there. Oh wait, I think I do. I'll have to see who I know in upstate NY.

You should have seen our "social networking site" growing up. You would dial one ion the phone 4 times (yes, dial) and it would say "the number you have dialed....) a few times, then you would hear the tape rewind, and while it was rewinding, people shouting in the background.

As far as the car accident note, I was kind of involved in one of those. I was riding with someone that worked for me, on a 10-99. At a job, he hit the neighbor's car, on the street. We had a long discussion about how it has not a fucking thing to do with me, because it was in the street, and not my customer, so he wrote them a note. The note of course, said I was responsible.