Been a while...Some people have left, some new ones have shown up, and whatnot. Time for another Swollen Cranium Beauty Pagent. This time, I'm looking for Nominees, though. SOOOO.... ante up a name for one of the women here. Ladies, we will also be looking for a picture from you if your name is called, TYVM. That goes for those who haven't posted a picture in the Member Picture Thread ESPECIALLY.

Voting will be private, by which I mean I'll set it up so nobody can see who voted for whom.

This time, too, I want to see the ladies make a speech telling us all why they should win. Not that they are hotties or whatever, but what makes them stand out.

Winner gets the title and $10 from my pocket, payable via paypal or other arrangement upon winning.


I'll break the ice...first nominee IS!

Miss Llamageddon. Please give a nice speech about how much you deserve that money and title. ;)




I'm wanna be pretty =(
Don't worry...I'll prolly do something similar for us guys next...IF we get more than two..and IF they actually play along.. If I don't get more than two and nobody actually posts their speechs by the 11th then I'm scrappin the whole thing and keepin my $10

So, yeah. I posted it.

For those of you who know me well, I pretty much stayed away from posting pics of myself before now for various reasons. Mostly because I felt the anonymity served to achieve some level of seriousness from my peers. I'd rather be observed by the rantings of my mind - pictures can serve as a distraction from the point of conversation, so I guess that was most of my reasoning. That, and I didn't care to have the porn hounds fapping incessantly to my words and image. Heh.

Skeet asked for us to post reasons why we should win. Fuck if I know why - I'm not some model. I do know that I'm honest. I don't pull any drama bullshit, but I don't take unnecessary prodding either. I'm a quick-witted woman driven by the need to create worlds with words. And paint. I'm not the best, imo - no one is at anything except the Top Guy/Gal. Everyone else is an underling to them. I don't need to be, either, because I love what I do. I know there's something to me - in real life and in interactions I've had on the forums - that draws people in to me. Interactively, socially, and somehow - through humor - I have a way with people that makes them remember me. Even if I don't remember them. An ease of being, a confidence - not shallow or overly egomaniacal (which is a word that apparently isn't in the spell check on this site). I don't say any of these words as some kind of "I'm so great, look at me" type of thing - it's mere observation really. People who know me attest to it regularly. Matter of fact-ness, nonchalance... ease of logic with the supporting factors to back my ass up. I'm paying the fuck attention, people.

Hell. I'm rambling about Me, and I don't even give a shit whether I'm voted for, really. So, for those of you who've been pining to know what I look like - or not - "Hi. This is me." Voila.