Pillow fight


This falls under the "outright buffoonery" clause.

DETROIT (AP) - Police in Detroit have ruffled some feathers after they cracked down on an organized pillow fight at a downtown park.

The Detroit News reports that police at Campus Martius Park prevented the feathery fight Saturday by disarming pillow-toting participants. The bout was part of a worldwide event organized on social networking Web sites.

Michael Davis of Hamtramck says police confiscated the 32-year-old man's pillows but returned their cases. He says he was told that he needed a permit.

Scott Harris of Ferndale told the News that it's "not illegal to own a pillow."

Detroit police spokesman James Tate says cleanup was the issue.


Yano what? You are RIGHT! Time to take up arms in defense of poor air-headed sorority girls everywhere! Ban pillows! They can sleep with their heads in my lap.......


Mar 3, 2008
The poor Police are always getting slammed for doing their duty of saving lives and protecting our streets from these violent criminals.
If they didn't take a hard line on pillow fighting it could be a diasterous water fight by these law breaking hooligans next.
Besides, parks should remain safe for gays and pedos to go about their business without running the added risk of being pounded by a flying pillow.