Police Murder Innocent Burglar


Mar 3, 2008
South Carolina Serial Killer Suspect Is Dead

A man who was shot and killed early today while allegedly attempting to burglarize a home in North Carolina is the serial killing suspect wanted in a string of five murders just 30 miles away in South Carolina, police said.

A cold blooded murderer has transformed a small S.C. town. The suspect, identified as Patrick Tracy Burris, 41, was wanted for parole violations, police said at a news conference in Gastonia, N.C., this evening.

The weapon he used in the North Carolina burglary matched the weapon used in the South Carolina shooting, Gaffney County Sheriff Bill Blanton said.

Burris has numerous convictions for armed robbery, weapons possession, forgery and possessing stolen goods, and North Carolina prison records show he served more than seven years for felony breaking and entering and larceny.

"People here can breath a little easier now," Reggie Lloyd, director of South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division, said earlier today.

South Carolina agents had traveled to Gastonia after a man suspected of trying to burglarize a home was shot to death by police around 3 a.m. today.


What a lot of bollocks.
The poor bastard was probably only following his chosen profession when he was senselessly gunned down by trigger-happy cops.
I hope the real serial killer wipes out another 50 victims to show the po-lice the folly of their ways.


^^^ Didn't I read somewhere about casting the first stone or something?