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Oct 23, 2013
Man, I don't even know where to start. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he was an atheist, and the whole religion thing was just a scam to get old people's money. Not that I think atheists are any more prone to being criminal minded, have you. It's just this sense I get when I listen to him speak; some of the things he says are so preposterous that I gotta wonder if he actually believes them himself.

He posits the same arguments repeatedly, regardless of how many times it's been refuted. I know because I watched clips of him getting owned in debates two years ago only to see him use the same rhetoric word for word 2 months ago. This, of course, leaves only two possibilities: either he's purposely ignoring any information that is contrary to his message(s), or he's got a brain disorder. Either way, he's not to be trusted as a reliable source for news.

He reminds me of a forum troll. He never really talks to people so much as manipulate them into being chess pieces for himself. And he'll make a chess piece out of anyone, even those vocally opposing him. Especially those vocally opposing him. By habitually applying piss-poor logic skills as though they were water-tight facts, he supplements his accuracy with repitition. He's a man who knows not only the inner workings of Christianity, but how it's outer workings function best.

The lingering question I have though, is what are his true motivations? Is he for real, or is the whole thing an act?
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El Shaddai
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Dec 25, 2001
I remember seeing a sort of news expose about him in his early days when he says outright that his books are repackaged nearly verbatim under new titles and publishing dates.

I can't find the video or I'd post it. ( I'll keep looking)

I think he's a smart dude looking to make big bucks of a lucrative market of rubes. None easier to scam than the low education class in the bible world.

I get a feeling of smarmy-ness from ALL the big name religions freaks. I once saw Jerry Falwell in person, sat through one of his dooshy sermons even. "Moral Majority" my ass.