Aug 16, 2008
In your mind.
Has anyone here ever tried, or heard of skype?
Its a phone service that can be used through your internet connection, and I actually have a regular Vtech phone hooked up through a zoom adapter. I think this type of service could really grow in popularity. Its one of the best deals I've seen, offering unlimited world calls for only 9.99 per month outgoing, and you can purchase your own phone number (including numbers outside your area so long distance friends and family can call you at their local rates) for only $50 to $60 dollars per year. Its also free to make skype to skype calls. The only disadvantage I can see is that you cannot use the service to call 911 because they cannot track you. They also have a fair usage policy which limits your minutes to 10,000 from what I see.

Any thoughts on this subject? Has anyone found a service better than skype?


Apr 4, 2008
Anyone that hasn't heard of Skype lives in a third world country or is ignorant as fuck.

It comes with MyspaceIM, for cryin' out loud.

I think Vonage is a better solution than Skype, personally.