Some Good News!


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Oct 23, 2013
Redneckville, Canada.
There's been a lot of threads about various upsetting/disturbing events in the news.

So here's some good news!

How Facebook Saved my Son's Life

Strep? Scarlet fever? The mother of a 4-year-old was commenting via social networks about the doctors' changing diagnoses of her sick son. Within 24 hours, dozens of comments helped lead to the diagnosis of a rare disease that doctors had missed. The next day she received a call a former neighbor. "I hope you'll excuse me for butting in," she said, "But you have to get to the hospital. Now." Her son Max had had the exact same symptoms, and was hospitalized for Kawasaki disease, a rare and sometimes fatal auto-immune disorder that attacks the coronary arteries surrounding the heart.

Canada's Crime Rate Falls to Lowest in 40 Years

Canada's crime rate fell to its lowest in almost 40 years, Statistics Canada reported on Thursday, extending a positive two-decade trend. Crime last year dropped a further 5 percent from 2009 to the lowest rate since 1973, the government agency said.

Man Survives by Crawling into Trunk After Car Plunges into River

A man was "incredibly lucky to be alive" after his car flipped into a river near the Idaho-Washington border.

The 20 year-old squeezed through the rear seats and into the trunk of his two-door Hyundai Tiburon as chill, fast-flowing waters engulfed all but 6 inches of head room, creating a life-saving air pocket.
A passenger who had escaped was able to get his hand into an opening in the trunk area to hold the man's hand and keep him talking until rescuers got to him.


May 22, 2008
Yay. Some good news @ last.

Nice to hear how facebook is good for something, aside from stealing from people's houses by finding out when they're not home!