The Anti-Political Thread (kind of)


I'm fucking tired of hearing about the election by now. Campaigning has been going on for 2 years and it looks like Obama wins. Good for him, but now on to other things. I already stated elsewhere my opinions on the Presidential race. Get excited if you want (and, truthfully, I'm kinda proud of this country at this moment, say what you will), I'm heading off to other things while I wait for this country to wade back out of this shit creek that Bush got us into. Hopefully I don't have to beg for my 401(k) money just to get by.

There we go! How hard has this recession hit everybody? I'm what you might call "blue collar" with the luck to have a job in a place that is actually growing instead of laying people off, so the only hit I took was in my 401(k). I apparently may not be able to get the cash that is in there promptly if I request it. This is supposed to last, at most, until 20-fucking-11. Thankfully I'm quite a few years away from retiring, but the last time I got laid off, the cash in my 401(k) was the only thing that kept me from having to take unemployment (which I refuse to do unless I'm in danger of landing on the street and thus have never had to).


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Mar 11, 2008
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I have no idea what you are talking about when you refer to your "401(k)".

Yes, there is the 'credit-crunch' over here in Blightly, but (fingers crossed) it hasn't bitten our nails... yet.


Guest bad...For those who don't know..401(k) is a retirement investment account set up with your place of work. A portion of your paycheck (however much you choose) is taken out by your employers and invested by a firm. Often times the amount, or a percentage of it, is matched by your employer. That help out at all?