The Man Who Bangs on Metal.

Genesis Frog

Still a bit noob
May 23, 2014
The Entire Existence
So I decided to chill at a friends house the other day when out of the blue this annoying banging sound starts erupting from down the street. I'm sitting there confused as my normal self and my friend seems unfazed, so I asked him what the deal was and he simply replied, "He bangs metal all day and mows his lawn at night." Now I still don't really understand because from what I could tell there wasn't a lawn to mow nor was there any metal creations sitting around ( I was half expecting some iron giant golum or something ) but there was nothing. So I asked why he bangs on metal and the simple reply was "Same piece of metal, same time of day."
That didn't really answer my question so I summed it down, the reply was put,
"He just bangs on metal, he has a wife & kids ( though they have already moved out ) and also a job. He comes home from his work and does his things, then goes outside and bangs on metal."
And everyone is fine with it. I don't know, I guess every person has there own weird thing going on so I guess I can't judge to much. I just found it odd and decided to babble about it.
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Proud White Boy
Mar 2, 2008
Where the sun doesn't shine
There's a Jewish family who moved across the street from me a few years ago. The guy fancies himself some sort of big-shot, being as they moved up from the city (I live in rural upstate NY). Meanwhile, he's about 5'4" @ 135lbs and answers the phone at a local tire shop. At any rate, he decided last summer to attempt some amateur blacksmithing (coincidentally, not long after some blacksmith shows started airing on TV). The problem is, he doesn't start banging on anything until after 8PM. I chalked it up as an escape from his miserable existence (incredibly annoying wife, wannabe trans-gender pre-teen son, menial job, etc). Still, the urge to place his gourd on the anvil and excise any remaining gray matter, is considerable.
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May 14, 2011
And everyone is fine with it.
This is the way life HAS to be ...

1. There is no soul or afterlife.
2. Everything is normal.
3. ^ So say the 'smart' people.

My take ? .. he's a fucking retard and needs a random act of violence to curb his enthusiasm.