The Nature of Bruce


Mar 11, 2008
This all stemmed from a conversation about pussy. Imagine that!


"Watching it again, the comparisons with the movie and the Jews of Gush Katif, those directly affected by the Bush/Sharon "Disengagement Plan," and the elements of radical Islam in the territories is noteworthy. Bruce the shark, with his disingenuous toothy grin, representing radical Islam, conveying a posture of goodwill, yet quickly reversing that position at the first scent of blood. As well, Marlin and Dory, illustrative of Israel and the Jews and their supporters in the global Evangelical Christian community are being demonized and coerced into accepting this farce that radical Islamist elements have or are trying to "reform."

what do you make of this? far fetched, simply comparative to make a point, or included as a current event aspect.... or, just that all animals (including humans) are predatory - but humans tend to lie about it.


Unhappy Camper

Hells yeah
Mar 10, 2008
Fayettenam Area, NC
Dunno ...

Bullet point:

First, Israel and Palestine can BOTH eat a dick.

Second, Jews, Christians and Muslims can ALL eat a dick.

Third, I Had no idea What "Finding Nemo" was. ( and apparently I'm one of a few ..[SIZE=-1]U.S. Box Office:[/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]$339,714,367 )[/SIZE]

Anyway ...

Biologically we are all still geared for confrontation. And confrontation is a short walk from predation. But because we humans are able to reason we, generally take confrontation and posturing to grand measures.

I see this as a clear indication that we are all still animals and when the niceties of civilization falls away ( electricity, running water, facebook) we'll resort to bashing each other with what ever is close to hand.

The Author of that Bruce piece infers that Jews are passive or innocent in the situations that go on in that region, I contend they are antagonists and instigators on an equal measure to the Palestinians. Refer to my first bullet point above. I'm in my 40's and I have a lifetime of memories of the Jewish 'plight'. At one point it was a valid case to give the argument of protecting the one democracy in a region of jackals, but not these days. The region has shown itself time and again to be unstable.

We're all wolves at heart. Surrounded by our own we have a semblance of humanity ... but let a sheep wander into our midst and we start looking for the mint Jelly.

Bottom line:

My view is, we are not liars about our predations. We deny...not lie. Lying assumes we understand that there is consequence to the action and attempt to hide the evidence of that action.

We've demonstrated through 6000 years of war and oppression of our own kind that we simply believe the ends justifies the means and therefore there is no consequence to the actions used to attain those Ends.


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Mar 2, 2008
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"Likewise, Israeli security and military professionals have publicly critized the severe security vulnerabilities for Israel proper created by this plan, yet hardcore, respected politicians and professionals like Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Moshe Yaalon are fired by Prime Minister Sharon for stating the truth of all this. In addition, much of the world callously encourages this delusion and fantasy."

What a bunch of crap. What delusion is there in the encroachment on Palestine land by Israeli settlers and the last war they caused, dropping phosphorous bombs on civilians.
Going back further, look toward Lebanon. They completely fucked that country over.

Fuck Israel. Fuck Zionism. Fuck any sympathy for those twats.