The things that freak me out


May 28, 2009
It's been a while, but I have a new thing that freaks me out lately.
Crazy people.

People are wild.

Wild enough to meet a girl at work and decide that just because she talks to them, EVEN after she says on several occasions (WITH LOTS OF PROOF) that she does not want to be anything but friendly co-workers, they have a "connection."

Wild enough to, after four months of not taking no for an answer, ask the girl why she avoids him at work.

Wild enough that when she tells him it is because she doesn't want to encourage him to keep behaving the way he is behaving, he thinks it is a great opportunity to admit he is head over heels in love with her and knows there is a "connection," and THEN tell her, no...DECIDE for her that she feels it too but "her past holds her back."

Wild enough to stalk her on every platform she is hooked to through email AFTER she talks to her employer and asks them to tell him to stop trying to talk to her and leave her alone.

Wild enough to use an old fake profile full of perverted, disgusting and alarming posts dating all the way back to 2014, so he can stalk her Facebook after she blocks his real account.

Wild enough to stare at her so intently at work, other coworkers that ARE NOT EVEN HER FRIEND go to management because it is scaring them.

Wild enough to never stop, and wind up getting served a restraining order at work after her 280 lb, 6'2" boyfriend tells him to leave her the fuck alone.

Wild enough to wait until he sees her and her witnesses at court coming out of the building, nearly fifteen minutes AFTER he was escorted out of the building by a cop, to then leave the parking lot and drive past them while staring.

Wild enough to, a few weeks later, contact the moderator of this page who is for the record her friend, and proceed to tell him medical information he shouldn't even have while reporting one of her posts...because...he wanted his account deleted? So, it made sense to lie and say he didn't know his co-worker who he "had a falling out with" was on this small tight-knit forum and just wanted his account deleted?
Makes sense........????????

Wild enough to not just get off the fucking forum and leave the girl alone.

Just. Fucking. Wild.

Hope he gets therapy; whatever the guy is doing on his own IS FAILING.


Proud White Boy
Mar 2, 2008
Where the sun doesn't shine
I haven't used an alt in years. I don't even think any of them are registered here any longer.

Forums, in general, aren't what they used to be. The audience is too fragmented by social media, texting, etc. The only ones that remain are interest specific; and even they have a high turnover rate. It's only because of most of the members' long-standing relationships, that we've persisted.
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