UFC 84


Proud White Boy
Mar 2, 2008
Where the sun doesn't shine
Any thoughts on tomorrow night's festivities?

Penn/Sherk could be a 5 round suck-fest if Sherk decides to lay and pray until Penn tires enough to sway the judges from the interim champion's favor. BJ should put the little bastard's lights out with fists or a choke if he comes prepared for battle. We shall see. My money's on Penn by KO in round 3.

Silva/Jardine should be a fucking war. Wanderlei badly needs a win after losing his last 3 fights (though one was contested outside of his normal weight division during a tournament). He'd better pack a lunch for Jardine, as he's giving up some size and reach here. Silva's patented ultra-aggressive, non-stop assault is always entertaining, regardless of the outcome. Could be the fight of the night. I'm going with Silva by decision.

Ortiz/Machida is an interesting contrast; both stylistically and personally. Machida has never tasted defeat and has racked up wins against some very impressive opponents (most notably BJ Penn and Rich Franklin). Ortiz, on the other hand, hasn't stopped anyone except Ken Shamrock (although he's done it 3 times) in several years. At 33, Tito isn't old, but needs a solid game plan and must be in top condition if he has any hopes of weathering the storm the Brazilian's unorthodox style brings to the table. Ortiz has certainly run his mouth enough since the fight was signed. Now we'll see if he can back that shit up. Even more interestingly, we'll see if he's handed a live microphone post-fight, as this is reportedly his last fight for the UFC. I predict he'll get caught in a submission while in top position in the second, and short of bull-rushing Joe Rogan for the mic, won't get a word in afterward. I hope I'm wrong on the latter as I'd love to hear him exchange words with Dana White.

Silly Cunt

Mar 30, 2008
Western Australia
Penn by KO

Silva by KO in the first 20 seconds (Silva is my favourite black cunt in the world!

Machido by decision, or KO to Ortiz if he lands one of his solid elbows.

PS. I believe UFC should be a mainstay of childrens curriculum. Away with arithmatic, in with MMA.


I fucking rule!
Mar 20, 2008
If your life isnt on the line, if there is no blood, if there are no broken appendages, and most of all, if there are rules, that it doesnt really interest me. It's like boxing. The better fighter isnt the one who wins, UFC is just a more realisitic of boxing, which is a suedo street fight. It pisses me off to no end everytime i see a 'break' where one guy would of won in any normal fight, only to have the other guy turn it around and beat him. I'll be interested when someone throat jabs or eye gouges someone to get out of some brazilian ju-jitsu, or when someone kicks ken shamrock in the fucking balls. On a side note: Muai Thai is fun to watch cause you actually get to see that shit.