Verizon sucks


True Bitch
Mar 14, 2008
New Jersey
I HATE verizon, and yet, I have a contract with them for home phone and DSL. I added service about a month ago, and in my apartment building we have an intercom system that goes to the phone line. Well, the man who hooked up my phone, didn't hook it up with the effin intercom, and I called to have it fixed and they want to charge me $90 to send someone out. THEY should have done it, but didn't. I don't see why *I* need to pay. Also, the DSL sucks. I can't watch videos without it skipping a thousand times. I had comcast, but recently got rid of them for overcharging, and dsl was the only option. UGH. Screw you verizon with your suck ass internet, and your overcharging ways.