Violet, is she

Is Violet dicked slapped?

  • Yep. She loves the rough play and bruises.

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  • Nope. She's got Polar Bear by the balls and squeezing hard!

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  • Gay.

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  • Lame.

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Durdy durdy dur. She's cool. Durdy durdy dur. She has a tat. I have a tat. That also makes me cool. Durdy durdy dur.

I never tease my online friends. Durdy durdy dur.
I always tease my online friends....some aren't smart enough to pick up on it though, or they take offense and that's a shame for them.

Also, her and I both have more than one tat.

In closing, dumbass, "no" was my vote, but you didn't really seem to have an option for just plain "no" that didn't involve PB's nutsack, and honestly the less I have to think about that particular body part, the better. However if you insist I shall cast a "real vote" just to make widdle old you happy.


Aug 29, 2009
I vote she doesn't like it at all. Women are human y ou know. Not all of th em fit into our fantasy except if we are fabulously rich
then in that case what can't money buy