Woman cries rape after one night stand forgets her name


May 22, 2008
A woman cried rape after having a one night stand with someone she met on a bus - because he forgot her name when she bumped into him five days later, a court has heard.

Pregnant Christine Jordan had consensual sex with window cleaner Kevin Percival but told police three days later she had been raped.

Officers gave her a 'panic button' to alert them if she spotted her attacker and a few days later - when she bumped into Mr Percival in a bar - she activated it after her one night stand forgot who she was, the court was told.

Cambridge Crown Court heard how 25-year-old Jordan told police he had followed her home and forced his way into her flat demanding sex.

Jordan, who is now pregnant with twins by another man, was convicted of perverting the course of justice and was jailed for two years yesterday.

Sentencing, Judge Jonathan Howard slammed her false claim 'a tissue of lies'.

He said: 'Because rape is such a repulsive crime false allegations of rape can have serious consequences. Most obviously for the innocent man who has been falsely accused.

'But it also has the consequence that you think genuine claims may be false. There is an enormous affect on probable convictions in genuine complaints.

'These are the reasons why the offence you have committed is so serious. It undermines the whole principles of justice in relation to an offence which is a repulsive crime.

'Your false claim in this case, made three days after the incident, was a complete tissue of lies. I have to take into account the gravity of the offence.'

The court heard Jordan met 27-year-old Mr Percival and his friend Alex Wallace, 31, a serving infantry signalman, on a bus after a night out in Cambridge in January 2011.

The men had taken the bus from the Grand Arcade in Cambridge after having at least five pints of beer in the city centre.

They went to an off-licence when they got off the bus in Fen Ditton with Jordan and bought beers and vodka to have at her flat.

But Mr Percival told the court she gave him 'an evil look' when they met at the Blue Lion pub in Fen Ditton five days later and he could not remember her name.

Within minutes police arrived to arrest him on suspicion of rape and he was held in custody overnight.

Jurors were told that CCTV footage from the bus, shop and pub proved the victim's account to be true.

Jordan, from Fen Ditton, Cambridgeshire, made no comment in her first police interview but in her second interview she admitted that the victim's recollection was fair.

She admitted to the court she had lied about an attacker forcing himself into her flat, but said she thought police would not believe she had been raped if they knew she agreed for the men to come home with her.

Nicola Devas, prosecuting at a previous hearing, told the court Jordan invented the claim because he could not remember her name.

She said: 'The hope of seeing him was the reason for going down there. He accepted he could not remember her name. Is that why she phoned 999?

'The defendant has lied and lied and lied and she has been caught out in these lies.'

She was found guilty of perverting the course of justice by a unanimous jury at Cambridge Crown Court in less than two hours.

Judge Haworth added: 'You alleged that a man had followed you home from the bus stop. That as you opened the front door he had forced inside of that door and raped you. As you described it, it was a horrific crime.

'You were placed in a motel and given all the care and treatment that a rape victim is entitled to, but you were not entitled.

'You were given a panic alarm. You went down to the pub where you knew he was a regular visitor and you pressed the panic alarm. Police arrived and he was arrested.'

Jordan, who is pregnant with twins and will now give birth behind bars, maintained throughout her trial that she had said 'no' halfway through sex but Kevin had ignored her.

Judge Haworth added: 'That was the second lie that you maintained and the jury rejected.'

Gary Rutter, defending, said Jordan had been bullied at school and would be vulnerable in prison.

He said: 'She would find it difficult to cope in prison and would be prone to victimisation.'

Speaking after the hearing Kevin's mother Merle Percival said: 'She deserved it, but the damage has been done.

'I am glad that the judge took it seriously. This has destroyed Kevin and my family.

'Kevin's friends said he was always so happy, they have stood by him through this. He would never do anything like this. He is a very angry person still.'

Jordan was also made the subject of a supervision order to be put in place on her release.


Despicable behaviour. This man's reputation and moral character is ruined forever by this slur. And all for spite!

And engaging in nights of drunken debauchery whilst pregnant with twins? Um... :khi2d:


Oct 25, 2013
Women hold a lot of power, in this respect. It is extremely hard to determine rape in these kinds of cases.

I think rape is right up there with the most terrible of crimes. It is a shame that some women hold it in such a lofty regard that they falsely claim rape for vengeance, money, or notoriety.


Flying squirrel vagina
Oct 23, 2013
Redneckville, Canada.
I find this upsetting, for the most part because of how hard it is often for REAL rape victims to actually go to the police and go to court.


Aug 31, 2009
Durban, South Africa
a friend of mine was hijacked (think you yanks call it car-jacked) in Jan this year, anyway the two hijackers, both black, beat him up and demanded his bank card with his PIN, they then drove him to a deserted shopping center (mall for you yanks), it was late at night, close to midnight, one stayed in the car with him and the other went to drain his bank account, he took a chance and tried to run away, but the fucker who had gone into the shopping center returned and they caught him again, they then stripped him and took turns raping him. So he has been on anti HIV drugs since then and going for HIV tests every two weeks, but has been hell for him, he refused to report it to the cops, this weekend he broke up with his fiancee, i guess it just got to much for both of them. He has already tried to off himself once since it happened.

Sometimes shit just happens, not sure how i would deal with it if it happened to me, and hopefully it never does.