Women killing off real men.


Sapphic Erotic
Mar 11, 2008
'When we longed for the coming of what we once liked to call the New Man, don't you sometimes think we should have been more careful what we wished for?

Back then, we thought we knew what we wanted. Moreover, what we thought we wanted didn't sound unreasonable.

Put-upon women - run ragged by Neanderthal demands that we perform in the office, kitchen and bedroom - believed that if our partners could just be kicked up the backside of their latent sensitivity, they'd graduate from cavemen to soul-mates, and our lives would be that much easier for it.

And so we taught them the merits of changing their socks and soaping their armpits.

Perhaps we bought them style magazines, the odd designer label and a dab of face goo, too, that we might enjoy a kiss without our faces being rubbed raw.

We forced them to learn one end of a nappy from another so that they might bask in the admiration of friends when they demonstrated their dexterity with a safety pin.

We patted them on the back for donning a pinny and cooking a four-course evening meal.

Especially if they'd shopped for it, too.

We preached to them the importance of equality, within and without the workplace. We harangued them for their "sexism", real or imagined.

We praised them beyond measure if they managed to shed a public tear.

We belittled the essence of masculinity. Even when, on the face of it, we meant no harm.

We've even turned the tables so much that today it's men, not women, who are often the objects of naked physical desire.

Take, for example, Germaine Greer, who this week told a gathering of 200 boys at Winchester College that she had rarely been in a room with so much masculine beauty.

Nevertheless, I have some sympathy with the student who put it to her that if a man of her 69 years had similarly addressed the "beauty" of young female students, there would have been outrage.

Critics would have said, correctly, that he was demeaning them by reducing them to the purely physical.

By the same token, I have always felt uneasy with the Diet Coke adverts, where women executives rush to drool over the flesh of a half-naked building site worker. Again, reducing him to an object of lust.

After all, it took us decades to stop building site workers doing the same to women.

You could call it turning the tables...but two wrongs don't make a right.

And now, after all these years of our efforts to "retrain" men, up to and including ridiculing them, what have we really achieved?

We have achieved a generation of women who still earn, as a national average, only 70 per cent of men's wages, and who still do five hours of housework to every measly hour's contribution from the man of the house.

Yet we have also achieved a new generation of men who, worrying signs suggest, are turning into a bunch of sissies. So well done, ladies. Take a look at your handiwork now.

Appearance has become an obsession to men.

What we started when we gave them their first style magazine is now a massively profitable publishing industry.

Sales of male cosmetics are at an all-time high and women are being elbowed out of the queue for cosmetic surgery by lads desperate to have their chins tightened, their eye-bags removed or that vital breast reduction to get rid of their "man boobs".

We begged them to weep; to show us their "feminine side".

Now we're enhancing nothing more than the share value of Kleenex, as the slightest hint of pressure induces collapse into girly tears, leaving us to pick up the pieces of their problems as well as our own.'

And it's not stopped as no doubt worse is on the way.


I fucking rule!
Mar 20, 2008
The sad truth is that men haven't gotten weaker. Women have. They labor under this delusion that there all of a sudden badass's and you see shirts like 'you say bitch like its a bad thing'. Girls get so proud of this fake tough exterior. Yet what never ceases to amaze me is the weakness that brings. For instance, a women will go off on how they are ready to beat up there neibhor. They get all violent and pissed off in the home, yet 9/10 times they say or do nothing. When they do, do something its usually in a passive aggresive maner, such as walking on there grass, and they think 'ohh that will teach them'. Face it, today's women is alot weaker then the women 20 years ago, who would of walked right over without a word, demanded them to knock it off, or she would go get her hubby. This whole mentality of 'real' women, like suki for instance, is just a facade. In truth, they are still bitchy whiney girls, who cry all the time. no offense suki.

As for men, i dont think we have changed. The only difference is we openly display our problems. We are very good at getting these out physically. Thats what are instincts tell us. so there is a decline in sports, and going to the gym because of it. Yes, alot of us wont ever admit it, but its nice to lean on someone. We have emotions just like you girls. The difference is we can put them aside and get shit done. The need for that has never gone away. The need to think rationally without emotion has not changed. What has is that when your in soft huggy, im telling you all my feelings, that tends to get clouded over for a bit.

What occures to me is that the old school girls, the ones that still have the dreams of being a house wife, and family, and cooking a cleaning, want the sensitive guy. They want the guy who will share everything and be there for them. The women who want to play at being badass bitches, want the strong old school man. The guy who is most likely to cheat on you, or not say a fucking word. Who will holler at random chicks on the street. I've noticed that without fail, women like to feel controled, it makes them safe, men like to feel in control. it makes them feel safe. Both are differnt ways about going about the same thing. What i mean by that is women like for the guy to take charge, the want to add the input instead of make the descisions. Where as the old school approach is 'we are going out to eat' the women wants to say 'i feel like noodles' where the accept response for the 'new style of man' is 'do you feel like going out tonight? i feel like chinese' in which the girl replys 'yes, lets try this place'.

I think that the old school girls, the housewifes have been looked down upon for a long ass time now. I think its wrong to do that. I think those women are often stronger now, because they have to really fight to keep that dream. Where it use to be the women who wanted to get a job really had to fight for it. I think women thought it would be a really good idea to try to make men into what they are. Insecure, emotional wrecks. I think they have suceeded in alot of aspects. I think its was pretty fucking ballsy to ever think they where superior as to our methods of doing things. But to this day one fact remains.

A sensitive man will still revert back to instinct to solve a problem, or stand up for himself. Part of his instinct as a man, a hunter, a warrior, is that ability to put aside whats bugging him and take care of what needs to be taken care of. In the end he takes care of his own stuff, and uses logic to do that.

A bitch women will still revert back to instinct to solve there problems. They will cry, talk to lots of people, and gossip about it. They will feed into the drama, and finally if they feel it's to hard to deal with, they will ask someone else to deal with it.

women are based on emotion. The thing and act based on emotion. There are no exceptions. There logic is tainted with emotions, but there logic is laregly emotional. Men think soley based on logic, though they have emotions and sometimes it taints there logic, it's always been based off of logic in the first place. These are not bad things. There just differnt. A women takes her time to figure out her emotions. A man takes his time to figure out the best way to fix shit. The sadest thing is that people only see the benifit of one of those ways.


Mao's Pet Cat
Mar 2, 2008
Hong Kong, hiding from the Kommies!
There is very little of that article that can be considered remotely true.

Women are now wearing pants (a mans thing) and men are still the best cooks in 5 star restaurants.

The one thing that may have gotten men to recognize the female side of themselves were not women but a mans own spirituality.

As far as cleaning house, I've done it since elementary school when mom decided to go out for a career and I've continued cleaning my own house. Common sense to live in cleanliness.