World's Shortest Girl


Mar 3, 2008
Kennady Jordyn-Brumley was born on 13 February 2003. When she was born, her weight was nearly 2,2 lb (1 kg). There was no hope that the girl would live. But she stayed alive. At first specialists had some difficulty as for the diagnosis, but when Kennady was 8 month old her parents found out Kennady’s diagnosis – it was very rare type of mutation. With such a diagnosis people can grow only to 2 ft. 10 in. (75 cm) and weight no more than 3.5 lb (3 kg).

Kennady is 5 now. She has already become famous in the United States as a “little angel”. Few well - known photographers invited her to come to the photosession. Young parents love daughter very much and are sure that their family has a little miracle.

Bryan Jordyn and Kort Brumley – Kennady’s parents - admit that the main problem is money. Due to abnormal daughter’s stature, her parents have to spend a lot of money on special furniture and clothes for her.

Actually, they have to reconstruct the whole house. However, even these difficulties are nothing as compared to the happiness she brings to her parents and all surrounding.

- She has a gift of warming human hearts! – says Bryan. – After talking to her you feel so, as though adjoined with God.

That's amazing.